About Michelle Griffiths

Michelle Griffiths is a professional artist/teacher, living and working in South Wales. She is the World Shibori Network representative for UK/Ireland. Her work is on permanent exhibition in her gallery/studio at Model House Craft & Design Centre, Llantrisant, where she continues to develop the shibori study centre with its shibori workshop programme, textile collection, and reference library.

Her own work explores the natural rhythm of traditional shibori techniques in order to create contemporary three dimensional sculptures. Working predominantly in whites and creams Michelle records the actions found within shibori; stitching, binding, gathering, manipulating and folding - not through the expected dye process, but purely as texture and form.

It was whilst in Japan as part of her Embroiderers' Guild mature scholarship studies (May/June 2002) that Michelle first observed the artisans who had spent their entire lives manipulating cloth prior to its being dyed. As a trained musician, Michelle was fascinated to see that the repetitive shibori actions were not only represented on the cloth as pattern and texture, but were also imprinted upon the artisans hands and minds. These actions were so impressed upon the artisans memories that they worked subconsciously with the cloth with no need to watch their hands as they worked. She wished to learn more about these traditional techniques in order that these skills would not be lost with the passing generations, whilst developing her own personal shibori vocabulary suitable for the 21st Century.

About Michelle